A Rose by Any Other Name

by Norman Horowitz

As a television executive, I have realized the value of selling things with more or less “catchy” or previously used titles. There were programs called “Poltergeist: The Series,” “The New Sea Hunt,” and “American Werewolf in London: The Series.” Words used to describe movies and television content matter, and they matter a lot.

I was on a cable panel about 30 years ago when I suggested that the television series “Happy Days” lived in the consciousness of the American public and that everyone who watched television at that time knew what it was. Names of things mattered then as they do today. Television people and politicians have long understood this.

I just loved it when the White House apologized for the President’s description of the campaign against terrorism as a “crusade.” For an encore, they renamed the campaign “Operation Infinite Justice,” a name that seemed to some Muslims to promise what only Allah could deliver.   Continue reading “A Rose by Any Other Name”

And Now for a Healthy Dose of Perspective

My latest blog post at the Sun-Sentinel site talks about the long reach of history…on the same day that we celebrate “historic” legislation. Funny timing.

After you read my post on the health care reform bill, balance it with the perspective of…Great Britain, of all places.

By all means, give the President and the Speaker their due. Thank the folks who cranked out the bill and the ones who risked their political careers to pass it. Treasure the feeling.

Then lace up for the next debate. History pauses only for a moment before it sails against another current. To see what I mean, click here.