Ian and Tony Take On the NBA, Part 7

by Ian Kollar

2996I apologize for not getting these Western Conference previews up sooner. You see, I have been infected by volleyball fever.

I’ve been following a true feel-good story about a small private school’s girls’ volleyball team, the program just six years, making a championship run. During my coverage, I made a few different references to volleyball as the ultimate game of momentum, and to a point that’s true. It’s also true of the NBA’s Western Conference, where momentum will be key to deciding who’s left standing at the end of the regular season.

All of the contenders made significant moves to bolster their rosters. Each is coming to a realization that whoever is the healthiest at the end of the year and playing the best has the greatest opportunity to go all the way. So basically, what I’m saying is this: expect a lot of rest for guys like Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Pau Gasol and anybody else who shows a little limp or makes some winces. Health is of the essence to each of the top teams since so little separates them talent-wise.

At the bottom though, it’s where the poor got poorer for the most part, a sad but true reality of most professional sports these days (boy, do I sound about 60 or what?).   Continue reading “Ian and Tony Take On the NBA, Part 7”