A (Partly) Rainy Day in Genoa, Part 1 of 2

I promised you recollections from my trip to Genoa. A bit belatedly, here they are:

Screen shot 2009-11-17 at 19.11.40

I stayed in the little seaside town of Arenzano, about ten miles outside Genoa. On the map above, you can see the coast, with Arenzano on the far left and Genoa on the far right. From my window at night, I could see Genoa lit up across the water. It was a gorgeous sight; unfortunately, my camera is useless in the dark. If it looks like the airport (“Genova Cristoforo Colombo”) is in the middle of the Mediterranean, that’s because it is. Just before the plane hits the tarmac, you have the confusing fear that you are about to plunge into the water. The runway is literally a few yards from the sea.

The walk from my hotel to the train took me through a beautiful park past a medieval-looking building, and then it’s a 20-minute ride to the city. I got off at the Piazza Principe Train Station, pinpointed “A” on the map below. This map shows you the station in relation to the rest of the city that I walked through that day.   Continue reading “A (Partly) Rainy Day in Genoa, Part 1 of 2”