37 Days To Go: What’s in a Name?

We’re a little behind on the Trading 8s Christmas Countdown, but maybe we shouldn’t be calling it that at all. Heck, I’m not even sure if a majority of our contributors are Christian!

Nothing rankles Christian Americans like the suggestion that “Merry Christmas!” is an offensive phrase. But the implications are even bigger than that. According to my favorite business school, the word has inserted itself into the wild world of capitalism too:   Continue reading “37 Days To Go: What’s in a Name?”

40 Days To Go: What Should You Buy for the Art-Lover in Your Life?

51+U+y09CwL._SL500_AA240_Answer: Umberto Eco‘s new book The Vertigo of Lists.

Eco was ranked #2 on the famous “Top 100 Public Intellectuals” list. He has recently been invited to serve as Guest Curator at the Louvre, where he has chosen as his theme “the phenomenon of cataloging and collecting.” Provocatively, he has claimed, “We make lists because we don’t want to die.” Click here to find out what he means.

Eco is an Italian philosopher, novelist, semiotician, and medievalist whose 1988 book Foucault’s Pendulum has been called “the thinking man’s Da Vinci Code.” Naturally, when Dan Brown took the writing world by storm, Eco was called upon to give his opinion. The resulting essay (one of my favorites) is good food for thought as we count down toward Christmas:   Continue reading “40 Days To Go: What Should You Buy for the Art-Lover in Your Life?”