Where Did All the Music Go?

Screen shot 2010-05-04 at 17.05.56Rolling Stone has a new website. Gone is the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list, at least for non-subscribers.

It’s their loss, really. That was the most popular series on Trading 8s, and it was filled with links to their website. No longer.

We will continue to post our countdown–but without Rolling Stone commentary. This new format allows us to accelerate the countdown (to make up for the many missed days in the past few months). Beginning today, you will see 5 songs a day in our new category “Scales, Sounds, and Soul,” which I will author until we find someone more qualified…   Continue reading “Where Did All the Music Go?”

Greatest Songs of 2009, #5 to #1

Here’s the end of an admittedly drawn-out list. Tomorrow we’ll resume the previous daily schedule from the all-time Top 500 list. — AWO

5. “1901” by Phoenix

“It’s hard for artists to teeter on the fence of change between albums– between refining your sound and getting stuck in stasis, between growth and overreach. Unless you’re Phoenix, in which case you make it look really, really easy, and crank out more effortless pop-rock. While there are more pronounced synths on this preview of their upcoming album, ‘1901‘ sounds like a logical extension of It’s Never Been Like That, and is just as smooth and spirited and dementedly catchy as any of their best singles. That last record endeared them to many, and it’s worth noting that they don’t sound especially daunted by following up their last big success. Whatever new touches are added here—the singeing keyboard chords that dominate the first few bars before taking a backseat to that clean guitar, or the percussive marble-down-the-drain echo—it takes effort to pick them out, as this track is as seamless as the top of the peanut butter when you first open the jar.” (Pitchfork Media)   Continue reading “Greatest Songs of 2009, #5 to #1”