We’ve Only Just Begun

A lot of readers want to know what I think about the financial regulation bill that Congress passed. Unfortunately, I’ve been too busy traveling to read it or keep up with this week’s commentary. I’ll address it in more detail in the coming weeks and months. For now, the best I can do is repost the two most important columns I’ve written during the regulation debate with a brief follow-up on whether this bill addresses those issues.   Continue reading “We’ve Only Just Begun”

Getting What We Paid For…

My latest post is up on the Sun-Sentinel site. I haven’t written much publicly about the financial crisis lately because I’m saving most of the material for my forthcoming book, which is taking most of my time (hence the light posting here). Because compensation has received some heavy — and, as I argue, inaccurate — press lately, I felt compelled to make this little-understood argument clear. I make the point that there is a compensation problem, but it’s not the one you think. Find out what the real compensation problem is here. And now for my addenda:   Continue reading “Getting What We Paid For…”