Best of the Week: January 10-16, 2010

My Google Reader feed got screwed up. (That’s what I get for neglecting it for a month.) I’m not sure if I missed some articles in this week, or if I accidentally lumped them into yesterday’s “Best of the Week” post. I know I’m missing some Haiti articles, but Alex and I have our own posts on Haiti forthcoming; we’ll tell you most of what you need to know. I hope I managed to catch all the good articles. Sorry for any oversights. — AWO

10. How China Won and Russia Lost — Paul R. Gregory & Kate Zhou
9. Interview with James Heckman — John Cassidy
8. Obama Aid to Yemen Could Risk Backlash in Arab World — Jonathan S. Landay and U.S. Spending in Afghanistan Plagued by Poor U.S. Oversight — Marisa Taylor
7. Interview with Raghuram Rajan — John Cassidy
6. Assessing Stimulus Measures: Statistical and Economic Significance — Menzie Chinn
5. Ranting Against Iran Won’t Help Reform — Adrian Hamilton and Iran Not Committed to Building Nuclear Bomb, Pentagon Intel Chief Says — Nuclear Threat Initiative
4. 666 to 1: The U.S. Military Against al-Qaeda — Nick Turse & Tom Englehardt and The Terror Fringe — Thomas Rid & Marc Hecker
3. Too Big to Regulate? — Peter Fox-Penner
2. Iran, the Competition Over Eurasian Natural Gas, and the Revival of Classical Diplomacy in the 21st Century — Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
1. If It’s That Warm, How Come It’s So Damned Cold? — James Hansen, Reto Ruedy, Makiko Sato, & Ken Lo
BONUS: Homo Erectus Invented “Modern Living”? — Mati Milstein

Best of the Week: January 3-9, 2010

Wow, talk about falling behind in the news! It’ll probably take me a couple weeks to catch up. I apologize for the delay, but I will pump out the “Best of the Week” posts as quickly as possible, amid everything else on my desk. — AWO

10. What Makes a Great Teacher? — Amanda Ripley
9. Kiev Chameleon — Julia Ioffe
8. The Life of Justice Sonia Sotomayor — Lauren Collins
7. Panic Over Teen “Sexting” Eclipses Bigger Threat — Jesse Singal
6. Prisoners of Parole — Jeffrey Rosen
5. Obama to Fix Security Flaws; but Could He Please Fix Stupid Racial Profiling? — Juan Cole, The Real Reason Profiling Fails — Matthew Yglesiasand The Wrong Kind of Profiling — Faiz Shakir, Amanda Terkel, Matt Corley, Benjamin Armbruster, Zaid Jilani, & Alex Seitz-Wald
4. Cracks in the Jihad — Thomas Rid, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula: A Primer — Michelle Shephard, and A Summer in Yemen — Kent Davis-Packard
3. Gay Marriage, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, and the Supreme Court — Margaret Talbot
2. Russia, China, Iran Redraw Energy Map — M. K. Bhadrakumar, The Peace Imperative — Francesco Sisci, Letter From New Delhi — Basharat Peer, and How America Can Rise Again — James Fallows
1. The Year Climate Science Caught Up with What Top Scientists Have Been Saying Privately for Years — Joseph Romm
BONUS:  Suicide as Spectator Sport: What Does That Say About Us? — Robert Fisk