31 Days To Go: The Hypocrisy of Thanksgiving

You know the thing about compassion and generosity? Easy in theory, not in practice.

A week ago, we asked you to give. We specified three charities with an easy-to-follow donation button to PayPal. We are thus far disappointed with the response. We hope you will reconsider our request. To reiterate: We accept any amount. It is mind-boggling that our readership (and we know we have a strong readership because we see the daily tracking statistics) can’t even spare one dollar and one minute. We are also aware that many of you have spent hours decorating your houses and otherwise investing in your own holidays. And you should. Enjoy it. You earned it. But when we ask so little, we find little to respect in excuses like “too busy.”

We do not deny that this is a busy time of year. Many of us feel overwhelmed. But a small donation may be the solution instead of the problem. Yesterday, psychologist Susan Krauss Whitbourne wrote:   Continue reading “31 Days To Go: The Hypocrisy of Thanksgiving”