Check Out My New Interview on Student Loans!

Rob Asghar, Forbes contributor and author of Leadership Is Hell: How to Manage Well and Escape with Your Soul, has just published a new interview where I outline the problem of mounting student debt and the way a debt forgiveness program could boost the economy and make our country a fairer, happier place. Here’s a little preview:

“Let’s not mince words,” economist Anthony Orlando says. “Student loans are killing people. People need to understand just how big a problem we’re talking about: Americans owe more in student loans than on all their credit cards combined.”

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Student Debt



Quote of the Day: Kevin Carey

For a growing number of students, entering the lucrative college-educated realms of the economy is like being smuggled across the border — you can get to the promised land if you try hard enough, but you arrive in a state of indentured servitude to the shady operators who overcharged you for the trip.

— Kevin Carey (Education Sector)