Getting to Know Diana Krall

I’m in concert prep mode. You know how you get geared up for a concert by listening to all the songs you’re going to hear that night? Tonight I’m going to see Diana Krall at Royal Albert Hall (which is the Carnegie Hall of London). Krall is a Canadian jazz musician, and I love jazz. Wikipedia tells me her voice is a “contralto.” I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what that meant, so I looked it up:

…a type of classical female singing voice with a vocal range somewhere between a tenor and a mezzo-soprano. The term is used to refer to the deepest female singing voice. […] The contralto voice has the lowest tessitura of the female voices and is noted for its rich and deep vocal timbre.

What a perfect description. When you click on one of the videos below, you’ll see what they mean by “rich and deep.” She has 2 Grammy’s and has been nominated for 6 others. Let’s warm up with one of those nominees, “Why Should I Care”…

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