Best of the Week: August 23-29, 2009

10. Michael Steele’s Disastrous Idea of a Republican Health-Care Proposal — Steven Pearlstein
9. Behavioral Theory — Dana Goldstein
8. When a Gifted Teacher Has to Jump Through Hoops Just to Keep His Job, Change Is Needed — Jay Mathews
7. Why Are Senior Citizens Crying “Socialism” at Town Halls? — Tom Schaller
6. The Lockerbie Bomber and the “Torture Regime” — Stephen M. Walt
5. Still Undone: Remaking the Financial System — Michael Hirsh
4. How Cuts in State and Local Spending Endanger a Recovery — Robert H. Frank
3. Congress Needs to Pass Some Laws on Controversial Issues — Juan Cole
2. Farewell to the Dollar as the World’s Currency of Choice — Joseph E. Stiglitz
1. We Can’t Afford to Ignore Myanmar — Jim Webb
BONUS: Laugh, Kookaburra — David Sedaris