Step Right Up and Buy an Excuse!

Continuing the risk vs. uncertainty explanation, here’s my latest post on the Sun-Sentinel site. In the next couple weeks, I’ll delve deeper into these issues and hopefully illuminate some solutions for regulations going forward. For now, check out some excellent perspectives that point the debate in the right direction. I encourage you to read the original articles by each of the three pundits I cited.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to our music countdown. We also have some exciting work by other writers to highlight later this week!

When a Risk Isn’t Just a Risk

I promised you some interesting new material on economics, and here’s a new blog post at the Sun-Sentinel to that effect. I’ll explain more about the difference between risk and uncertainty in the coming weeks and months. Meanwhile, you can find more prescient papers by Pavlov and Wachter here, here, and here, and you can find the Princeton paper here.

The commenter “Max-42” counters that El Niño is responsible for the record-breaking ocean temperatures, and he’s partly right. El Niño is playing an important role, but so is climate change. Joseph Romm has an excellent post explaining how the two have worked in tandem. I encourage you to check it out.

And, as always, read the original post.