Taking the Income Inequality Debate to the Next Level

The Cato Unbound debates are good at exploring as many facets of an issue as possible, and then going back and forth a few times on each facet to make sure all the possibilities are fleshed out. Elizabeth Anderson says what I said about political power…only she says it better. John V. C. Nye says what I said about the financial crisis…only he says it better. And to my delight, Kenworthy gets into the discussion I’d been hoping for, starting with policy suggestions:

Potentially helpful policies include more aggressive early education, improved K-12 schooling, portable health insurance and pensions, more generous unemployment compensation, wage insurance, retraining, job placement assistance, a minimum wage pegged to inflation, and a beefed-up EITC for those without children.vv Continue reading “Taking the Income Inequality Debate to the Next Level”