Who Am I? (Other Than Cranky)

by Norman Horowitz

The buildings reach up to the sky
The traffic thunders on the busy street
Pavement slips beneath my feet
I walk alone and wonder, who am I?

I close my eyes then I can fly
And I escape from all this worldly strife
Restricted by routine of life
But still I can’t discover, who am I?

I long to wake up in the morning
And find everything has changed
And all the people that I meet don’t wear a frown

But every day is just the same
I’m chasing rainbows in the rain
All the dreams that I believe in let me down

Maybe I’m reaching far too high
For I have something else entirely free
With love of someone close to me
Unfettered by the world that hurries by
Um, to question such good fortune, who am I?

It was more than half a lifetime ago when Petula Clark recorded the song “Who Am I?

Glenn Gould, the Canadian pianist, wrote that the song was a “document of despair which catalogues the symptoms of disenchantment and ennui.” It was said that it embodied the social consciousness of the 1960s, specifically the search for the meaning of life.

I thought about “social consciousness” the other night when the Republicans were threatening to risk so much in shutting down the government in order to defund “Planned Parenthood.” It was a genuine “Good grief!” moment for me.   Continue reading “Who Am I? (Other Than Cranky)”

3 Days To Go: The Catholic Church Is Ruining My Christmas List!

Sorry we’ve been MIA for the past week. That’s my fault. Traveling, book-writing, and the holidays have oligopolized my schedule. But we’re back now, and skipping quite a few days forward, we continue our Christmas countdown with this sure-to-be-provocative post from our resident political analyst, Sarah Kashubski. — AWO

by Sarah Kashubski

What’s on my Christmas List this year? Well, a public option in health care for one, but even more important is a health care bill that wouldn’t stomp all over women’s rights. The outlook for either of these wishes isn’t good, but it’s even worse for women’s rights; in fact, the nail seems to be in coffin for that one. Unfortunately, even during this joyous and holy time of year, it seems to be the Catholic Church that’s ruining my Christmas.   Continue reading “3 Days To Go: The Catholic Church Is Ruining My Christmas List!”