Partisan Politics = Misdirected Criticism

I am delighted to introduce a new contributor to Trading Eights, Sarah Kashubski. She would have joined us earlier, but she was hard at work in Washington, D.C., an experience that will prove valuable in her writings on this blog. In this first post, she adds another facet to the Nobel Peace Prize debate. I gave a complementary view of the issue a few days ago here, and I also encourage you to check out my editors’ opinions here and here. I hope you enjoy Sarah’s insights as much as I do. — AWO

by Sarah Kashubski

I realize that many believe President Obama’s recent Nobel Peace Prize to be a joke and best and a sham at worst. All the same, the man didn’t campaign for the prize. The New York Times reported that it even caught the White House off guard, with chief of staff Rahm Emanuel saying, “There has been no discussion, nothing at all.” But what was the president supposed to do? Tell the committee, “Thanks, but no thanks?”   Continue reading “Partisan Politics = Misdirected Criticism”

A Surprise, a Rebuke, and an Opportunity, All in One Award

My latest post is up on the Sun-Sentinel site. I was up until 1:30am — that’s London time, so 8:30pm EST — working on various writing projects, but I couldn’t come up with a worthwhile topic for a blog post. I went to sleep, and when I woke up, there it was: The bizarre Nobel Peace Prize that everyone is talking about. Of course, when I first heard it, everyone wasn’t talking about it yet because, well, everyone in the United States was asleep. So I had a head-start on most of you. Here in Europe, we were all waiting for the American chattering classes to turn on the morning news so we could watch the news cycle explode. But just before that happened, here’s what I wrote.   Continue reading “A Surprise, a Rebuke, and an Opportunity, All in One Award”