Ian and Tony Take On the NBA, Part 1

by Ian Kollar

2971It may be a day or two late but no matter: I was reminded by my kind editor Anthony that it is indeed NBA season once again. World Series fever aside, I had a job to do: preview the National Basketball Association and give my expert analysis on the teams, trends and trophies that will come and go with the 2009-2010 season.

What makes me an expert, you ask?

Nothing, really.

That’s right: I have the credentials of the average basketball fan and then maybe a little bit more. I was never really all that good at playing the sport. I coach it now, but only at a junior high level. I write for a newspaper and occasionally cover basketball games. But “analysis” is different. “Analysis” requires no street cred; rather, it just is a funny, hollow word attached to retired players on ESPN and TNT when they complain about how much better the game was “in their day.”

So I, as a retired player myself, must also do the same. Bear with me as I guide you through the sure-to-be tumultuous and exciting season that 2009-10 will be!   Continue reading “Ian and Tony Take On the NBA, Part 1”