Greatest Songs of 2009, #25 to #21

We’re going to take a break from our “Greatest Songs” countdown for this week. We’d like to fast-forward and give you the Greatest Songs of 2009, according to Rolling Stone. As always, we hope you enjoy this entertainment break in your day. — AWO

25. “Bulletproof” by La Roux

“It usually pays to maintain at least a veneer of aloofness when reviewing a pop single, but on this occasion that would be pointless. Everything about ‘Bulletproof‘ is brilliant. The kaleidoscopic video, which manages to look eighties and futuristic at the same time, is brilliant. The cover art, depicting Elly Jackson as a cool, quiff-rocking Bond villain, is brilliant too. And the track itself? Well, it’s a bright, bouncy slice of Yazoo-ish electropop with a chorus every bit as immediate as In For The Kill. Jackson’s vocals are less shrill this time around, but she comes off just as formidable, informing a useless sod who’s messed her about that she won’t be letting him do it again. (As if he’d dare.) If we had to summarise using a single word, you can guess which one we’d plump for.” (Digital SpyContinue reading “Greatest Songs of 2009, #25 to #21”