What’s the Use of Having Power if You Don’t Abuse It?

by Norman Horowitz

When I was at MGM, the person in charge of selling pay television (Jim) called me from Toronto to tell me that the Canadian pay TV buyer (John) had said that he could only buy rights to 18 of our pictures for the coming year. He was saving the rest of his money to buy independent films that he liked.

My obnoxious reply was, “Please tell John that there are two numbers of pictures available to him from MGM and that’s all of them or none of them.” Jim told me that John had told him that I would say just that.

I had the power, and I abused it. Why? Because there was no one to stop me!   Continue reading “What’s the Use of Having Power if You Don’t Abuse It?”

A Part of My Life with Lawyers and MBAs

MGM/UA owned the three Poltergeist movies. We were in the middle of selling the “new” Twilight Zone series that we made in association with CBS, and it was doing very well.

To me, in the business of syndication, “the name is the thing” when introducing new content.

This is from a presentation for Poltergeist: The Series that I wrote over twenty years ago at MGM:

Was there ever a time before the beginning of time?

Will there be a time after the end of time?

Is there space at the end of space?

Is there space before the beginning of space?   Continue reading “A Part of My Life with Lawyers and MBAs”