Throw Another Christian to the Lions

by Norman Horowitz

Apparently, a mere 2000 years ago, Roman Emperors came up with an early reality show to entertain and distract  “the masses.”

They built the Colosseum, a 50,000-seat amphitheatre where they staged bloody gladiatorial contests and other “entertainments” that pitted men against one another and/or wild animals.

The most popular of the shows’ entertainment segments was throwing Christians to the lions. This concept was a winning idea, as it gave the masses something that they wanted. It has been reported that they didn’t think too hard about the shortcomings of their rulers or of the political system with this distraction, although I find this difficult to believe.

Many say that 2000-odd years later these contests are replicated, in a manner of speaking, by television.  Americans are diverted and entertained each Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter by all sorts of entertainment and sports carried on television.   Continue reading “Throw Another Christian to the Lions”

Saving the World from Ourselves, One Reader at a Time

One of the unexpected joys of writing op-ed columns for the past four years has been corresponding with and developing intellectually stimulating friendships with my readers. In February 2009, I published one of my most popular columns in the Hazleton Standard-Speaker titled “Walking through a College Campus.” It was one of those rare days that writers live for, when inspiration for something unusual, personal, and poetic comes to you out of nowhere. Those moments also make you mildly anxious because the most original works are usually the riskiest. Thankfully, my readers responded very positively.   Continue reading “Saving the World from Ourselves, One Reader at a Time”