Best of the Month: November 2009

10. Why They Hate Us (I): Lessons from Civil War Reconstruction — Stephen M. Walt
9. The Hospital That Could Cure Health Care — Jerry Adler & Jeneen Interlandi and Shopping Around for the Best Prices in Medical Care — Walecia Konrad
8. Gaza, Gilad Shalit, Hamas, and Israel — Lawrence Wright
7. A Failure To Explain Financial Benefits of Health Care Reform — Thomas F. Schaller and Health Care Rationing, American-Style — Uwe E. Reinhardt
6. A Milestone in the Health Care Journey — Ronald Brownstein
5. A Crime of Shadows — Mark Bowden
4. The Cost of Not Enacting Health Care Reform — Linda J. Bilmes & Rosemarie Day
3. US Was ‘Hell Bent’ on Iraq War, UK Envoy Says — David Stringer and UK Hearing Reveals US Pondered Iraq Invasion in Early 2001 — Maya Schenwar and Leaked UK Documents Detail Iraq War Chaos — David Stringer
2. If Health Care Is Going to Change, Dr. Brent James’s Ideas Will Change It — David Leonhardt
1. Human Rights in the New Millennium — Noam Chomsky
BONUS:  Banks Too Big?: Government Has Failed To Do Its Job — Anthony W. Orlando

Best of the Week: November 8-14, 2009