California, Here I Come!

Life has been moving fast lately.

A month ago, I finished my studies at the London School of Economics and Political Science and returned to the United States. Today, I submitted the final draft of my dissertation. Assuming they approve it, I will have a Master’s of Science in Economic History.

Tomorrow, I’m moving to Los Angeles. In the evenings, I’ll be taking screenwriting classes at the University of Southern California in their Master of Professional Writing program. In the day, I’m looking for a job in the entertainment industry.

I will continue to write on this blog, as well as occasional op-eds for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and Hazleton Standard-Speaker. I’m still working on my second book, which is now in its third draft. I hope my dissertation won’t be the last economics paper I research; I have several ideas to advance the field, and I plan to dive into them once I’m settled in L.A. I also have other books to write and, of course, screenplays that will absorb my new life.

I hope you continue to read it all.

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Earthquakes?

My latest column is on the South Florida Sun-Sentinel site. It’s a few days old. I almost missed its publication, coming out of my book-writing haze. This column features an exclusive interview with Marsha Henry, an LSE lecturer who studied and visited Haiti prior to the earthquake. Consider it the first installment in a three-part Trading 8s series on the Haiti disaster. Tomorrow, Alex will give an engineering perspective on rebuilding Haiti, and I will conclude on Wednesday with an economics suggestion or two to fund Alex’s ideas. We hope you enjoy the whole series, beginning with this column.