Best of the Month: December 2009

10. Listening to Afghanistan — Ann Friedman
9. Why Federal Regulators Closed Washington Mutual — Kirsten Grind
8. Somalia Is Greatest Victim of President Bush’s War on Terror — Martin Fletcher
7. The Silent Cleric Who Holds the Key to Iran’s Future — Robert Fisk
6. Myth vs. Reality on the Copenhagen Climate Summit — Andrew Light, Rebecca Lefton, & Daniel J. Weiss
5. Health-Reform Legislation Would Accomplish More Than Critics Admit — Henry J. Aaron and The Congressional Budget Office Scores the Amended Senate Bill — Ezra Klein and The 150,000-Life Health-Care Plan — Ezra Klein
4. Coverage and Costs — Paul Krugman and The Senate Bill Saves Families Money — Jonathan Cohn and Improve the Bill, Yes. Kill the Bill, No. — Jonathan Cohn
3. How the Senate Bill Would Contain the Cost of Health Care — Atul Gawande
2. Lessons Learned But Not Applied — Simon Johnson and Avoiding a Japanese Decade — New York Times
1. Something from Nothing — Nir Rosen and Pentagon’s War Pitch Belied by Taliban-Qaeda Conflict — Gareth Porter and A Plan in Need of Clarity — Sen. Jim Webb and Obama’s Surge: Has the President Been Misled by the Iraq Analogy? — Juan Cole
BONUS: Banks Too Big? Government Has Failed To Do Its Job — Anthony W. Orlando and Nuclear Armament: Iran Acting Like a Cornered Animal — Anthony W. Orlando

Best of the Week: December 6-12, 2009

Size Matters…Especially on Wall Street

My latest column is in today’s Sun-Sentinel. You can read it here. I also want to draw your attention to a very good criticism that one reader posted beneath the column; I will reprint their comment and my reply here. “WMI_Investor” writes:

Washington Mutual seizure by the FDIC is FAR from sucessfull…. in the end it will cost the government BILLIONS in lawsuites that have been filed against the FDIC

As the facts up to the seizure become more clear – it should have never been seized in the first place.

JPM was able to pick and choose what it wanted and has left the reciever (FDIC)holding the bag on much of debt that JPM was allowed to shed from WAMU in the acqusition.

Plus FDIC seized property that was not part of the BANK… WMI was not a BANK

You need to do some more investigation and get the facts straight!   Continue reading “Size Matters…Especially on Wall Street”