Listen to Me Discuss ISIS and Terrorism on The Adam Thompson Show!

Last week, I was a guest on The Adam Thompson Show, a political talk show on KKRP 1610 AM radio. After the video of ISIS burning a prisoner alive, emotions were running high — and they came out in full force. I tried to be the voice of reason in a tough conversation. You can be the judge of whether I made a dent in the debate. My segment begins around the 43-minute mark:

You can also download it on iTunes!

Quote of the Day: Robert Fisk

Please note that no tribunals have called for the princes and emirs of the Gulf, or the Plucky Little King of Jordan, or the weird President Bouteflika of Algeria and his henchmen, or the much creepier President of Iran, to be put on trial.

It all depends, I think, on whether criminals are our friends (Stalin at the time) or our enemies (Hitler and his fellow Nazis), whether they have their future uses (the Japanese emperor) or whether we’ll get their wealth more easily if they are out of the way (Saddam and Gaddafi). The last two were or are wanted for killing “their own people” — in itself a strange expression since it suggests that killing people other than Iraqis or Libyans might not be so bad.

— Robert Fisk (The Independent)