Best of the Week: August 29 – Saturday 4, 2010

10. The Effects of Immigrants on U.S. Employment and Productivity — Giovanni Peri
9. Don’t Worry About a Bubble in U.S. Government Bonds — Daniel Gross
8. Al-Qaida in Yemen: Poverty, Corruption, and an Army of Jihadis Willing to Fight and Shabwa: Blood Feuds and Hospitality in al-Qaida’s Yemen Outpost — Ghaith Abdul-Ahad
7. Ahmadi and Friends — Hooman Majd
6. Why Cheaper Money Won’t Mean More Jobs — Robert Reich and The Path to a High-Wage Society — Peter Dreier
5. Making Social Security Less Generous Isn’t the Answer — Ezra Klein
4. The Limits of Force as an Instrument of Foreign Policy — Shireen T. HunterDiary — Jonathan Steele, Why Do Wars of Choice Last So Long? — Stephen M. Waltand Flying the Flag, Faking the News — John Pilger
3. Economic Consequences of Speculative Side Bets: The Case of Naked CDS — Yeon-Koo Che & Rajiv Sethi and Central Clearing and Systemic Risk — Ilya Podolyako
2. Recovery Act: How Obama’s Stimulus Is Changing America — Michael Grunwald
1. Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury — Michael Joseph Gross
BONUS: “I Was Wrong Again!” What Ben Bernanke Meant to Say — Andrew Leonard

Best of the Month: August 2010

10. U.S. Middle East Peace Talks: Wrong Approach to Region? — Tony Karon
9. The Surveillance State Thrives on Fear — Glenn Greenwald
8. Iraq Special Report: “American Soldiers Sacrificed a Lot. But We Sacrificed More.” — Jonathan Steele and Obama Plays Down Plan for Post-2011 Iraq Troop Presence — Gareth Porter
7. Enrichment Still the Key to Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran — Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
6. Is Congress Subsidizing Slackers? — Ruth Marcus
5. Book Notes: Ramos’s “A Country for All” — Bryce Covert and Fact-Checking the Claims about “Anchor Babies” and Whether Illegal Immigrants “Drop and Leave” — PolitiFact
4. The Digital Surveillance State: Vast, Secret, and Dangerous — Glenn Greenwald
3. The Myth of the Social Security System’s Financial Shortfall — Michael Hiltzik
2. Filibusters and Arcane Obstructions in the Senate — George Packer
1. News at 11: How Climate Change Affects You — Amy Goodman and Media Wakes Up to Hell and High Water: Moscow’s 1000-Year Heat Wave and “Pakistan’s Katrina” — Joseph Romm
BONUS: American Dream Needs a Redesign — Anthony W. Orlando

Best of the Week: August 22-28, 2010

10. Balanced Budget Amendment a “Phony” Deficit Solution — Bruce Bartlett
9. What About Germany? and Angela and the Fifty Hoovers — Paul Krugman
8. Why Small Businesses Aren’t Hiring — Scott Shane, Young Firms, Not Small Ones, Are the Engines of Job Growth — John C. Haltiwanger, Ron S. Jarmin, & Javier Miranda, and Misrepresenting the Bush Tax Cuts, or the Return of Death Panels — Howard Gleckman
7. A Filibuster Fix — Norman Ornstein
6. Matters to Consider Before Launching Another War — Gary Hart and Two Minutes to Midnight? — Tony Karon
5. Petraeus’ Dubious Strategy in Afghanistan — Christopher Layne
4. The Taylor Rule and the “Bond Bubble” — Paul Krugman
3. Dear Rev. Graham: Obama Was Not Born a Muslim and Neither Is Anyone Else — Juan Cole and The Ground Zero Mosque and Cognitive Biases — William Easterly
2. The Surveillance State Thrives on Fear — Glenn Greenwald
1. Iraq Special Report: “American Soldiers Sacrificed a Lot. But We Sacrificed More.” — Jonathan Steele and Obama Plays Down Plan for Post-2011 Iraq Troop Presence — Gareth Porter
BONUS:  Sigmoidoscomy: The Colonoscopy’s Cheaper, Equally Effective Predecessor — Jason Shafrin

Best of the Week: May 2-8, 2010

10. Cuba: A Way Forward — Nik Steinberg & Daniel Wilkinson
9. Who Pays for the Oil Cleanup? — Bradford Plumer
8. Five Myths About the Pill — Barbara Kantrowitz & Pat Wingert
7. The Message from the Glaciers — Orville Schell
6. Big Pharma, Bad Medicine — Marcia Angell
5. Afghanistan: Is It Time to Talk to the Taliban? — Jonathan Steele
4. Capital Markets Committee Proposes Blueprint for Compromise on Financial Reform — Hal ScottCan a Clearinghouse Really Stop the Next Financial Crisis? — Mark Roeand How to Avoid a “Bailout Bill” — John B. Taylor
3. High-Tech Death from Above: U.S. Drone Wars Fuel War Crimes — Tom Burghardt
2. Shadow Banking — Nomi Prins
1. Dems Break GOP’s Attempted Filibuster in the Senate, But Proposed Wall Street Reforms Are Pretty Flimsy — Zach Carter and A “Modest Proposal” for Capital Market Reform: Close Down Rule 144A — Jeff Madrick & Stephen Diamond
BONUS: Group Think — Steven Strogatz

Best of the Week: February 28 – March 6, 2010

10. Social Security Does Not Need a “Bailout” — Kathy Ruffing
9. U.S., NATO Intensify War Games Around Russia’s Perimeter — Rick Rozoff and The Pentagon’s Runaway Budget — Carl Conetta
8. The Chicago Boys and the Chilean Earthquake — Andrew Leonard and Milton Friedman Did Not Save Chile — Naomi Klein
7. The Attack on Climate Science: Why It’s the O.J. Moment of the Twenty-First Century — Bill McKibben
6. This Won’t Hurt a Bit — Sharon Begley
5. Larry Fink’s $12 Trillion Shadow — Suzanna Andrews
4. The Way to Stop Prison Rape — David Kaiser & Lovisa Stannow
3. Afghan Ghosts: American Myths — Jonathan Steele
2. The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory — Daniel Kahneman
1. Betting on the Blind Side — Michael Lewis
BONUS:  The Joy of X — Steven Strogatz