Best of the Week: August 29 – Saturday 4, 2010

10. The Effects of Immigrants on U.S. Employment and Productivity — Giovanni Peri
9. Don’t Worry About a Bubble in U.S. Government Bonds — Daniel Gross
8. Al-Qaida in Yemen: Poverty, Corruption, and an Army of Jihadis Willing to Fight and Shabwa: Blood Feuds and Hospitality in al-Qaida’s Yemen Outpost — Ghaith Abdul-Ahad
7. Ahmadi and Friends — Hooman Majd
6. Why Cheaper Money Won’t Mean More Jobs — Robert Reich and The Path to a High-Wage Society — Peter Dreier
5. Making Social Security Less Generous Isn’t the Answer — Ezra Klein
4. The Limits of Force as an Instrument of Foreign Policy — Shireen T. HunterDiary — Jonathan Steele, Why Do Wars of Choice Last So Long? — Stephen M. Waltand Flying the Flag, Faking the News — John Pilger
3. Economic Consequences of Speculative Side Bets: The Case of Naked CDS — Yeon-Koo Che & Rajiv Sethi and Central Clearing and Systemic Risk — Ilya Podolyako
2. Recovery Act: How Obama’s Stimulus Is Changing America — Michael Grunwald
1. Sarah Palin: The Sound and the Fury — Michael Joseph Gross
BONUS: “I Was Wrong Again!” What Ben Bernanke Meant to Say — Andrew Leonard

Best of the Week(s): May 9 – June 5, 2010

Yes, you read that title correctly. Enough is enough. Let’s get up-to-date on this “What to Read” series. Sadly, we must ignore a lot of good articles, but here is a decent selection, heavily biased toward this past week. It’s good to be back on track! — AWO

10. The Black Art of “Master Illusions” — John Pilger
9. Arctic Sea Ice Extent and Volume at Record Lows for the Date — Nick Sundt, Early and Severe Wildlife Situation Develops in Alaska as Fuel Conditions Reach “Historical Maximum Levels” in Some Areas — Nick Sundt, and Asia Records Its Hottest Temperature in History; Category 4 Phet Threatens Oman — Jeff Masters
8. The Decline of Employer-Sponsored Coverage Under Health Reform: Good, Bad, or Ugly? — Austin Frakt and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in Pharmaceutical Markets: Effects on Demand and Prices — Dhaval Dave
7. CIA Drones Claim “License to Kill” with Impunity: UN Expert — Agence France Presse, Obama’s Expanding Covert Wars — Jeremy Scahilland CIA Drone Operators Oppose Strikes as Helping al-Qaeda — Gareth Porter
6. War Over Bank Capital Heating Up — Damian Paletta and How the Private Sector Outsmarts Regulators — Michael Hirsh
5. Here We Go Again: A Closer Look at the Kerry-Lieberman Cap-and-Trade Proposal — Robert N. Stavins
4. Russia-US-Iran: Nuclear Juggling — Eric Walberg and New Power Brokers in the Middle East — Saif Shahin
3. Leonhardt on Risk: BP, the Housing Bubble and Budget — Dean Baker and Blue Dogs Took Up the Fight for Doctors’ Pay as Poor Lose Health Coverage — Steven Pearlstein
2. What Could They Have Been Thinking?: Initial Thoughts on the Gaza Flotilla — Stephen M. Walt
1. How to Save the News — James Fallows
BONUS: Shorting Reform — Michael Lewis