Best of the Month: December 2009

10. Listening to Afghanistan — Ann Friedman
9. Why Federal Regulators Closed Washington Mutual — Kirsten Grind
8. Somalia Is Greatest Victim of President Bush’s War on Terror — Martin Fletcher
7. The Silent Cleric Who Holds the Key to Iran’s Future — Robert Fisk
6. Myth vs. Reality on the Copenhagen Climate Summit — Andrew Light, Rebecca Lefton, & Daniel J. Weiss
5. Health-Reform Legislation Would Accomplish More Than Critics Admit — Henry J. Aaron and The Congressional Budget Office Scores the Amended Senate Bill — Ezra Klein and The 150,000-Life Health-Care Plan — Ezra Klein
4. Coverage and Costs — Paul Krugman and The Senate Bill Saves Families Money — Jonathan Cohn and Improve the Bill, Yes. Kill the Bill, No. — Jonathan Cohn
3. How the Senate Bill Would Contain the Cost of Health Care — Atul Gawande
2. Lessons Learned But Not Applied — Simon Johnson and Avoiding a Japanese Decade — New York Times
1. Something from Nothing — Nir Rosen and Pentagon’s War Pitch Belied by Taliban-Qaeda Conflict — Gareth Porter and A Plan in Need of Clarity — Sen. Jim Webb and Obama’s Surge: Has the President Been Misled by the Iraq Analogy? — Juan Cole
BONUS: Banks Too Big? Government Has Failed To Do Its Job — Anthony W. Orlando and Nuclear Armament: Iran Acting Like a Cornered Animal — Anthony W. Orlando

Best of the Week: November 29-December 5, 2009

Best of the Week: August 23-29, 2009

10. Michael Steele’s Disastrous Idea of a Republican Health-Care Proposal — Steven Pearlstein
9. Behavioral Theory — Dana Goldstein
8. When a Gifted Teacher Has to Jump Through Hoops Just to Keep His Job, Change Is Needed — Jay Mathews
7. Why Are Senior Citizens Crying “Socialism” at Town Halls? — Tom Schaller
6. The Lockerbie Bomber and the “Torture Regime” — Stephen M. Walt
5. Still Undone: Remaking the Financial System — Michael Hirsh
4. How Cuts in State and Local Spending Endanger a Recovery — Robert H. Frank
3. Congress Needs to Pass Some Laws on Controversial Issues — Juan Cole
2. Farewell to the Dollar as the World’s Currency of Choice — Joseph E. Stiglitz
1. We Can’t Afford to Ignore Myanmar — Jim Webb
BONUS: Laugh, Kookaburra — David Sedaris