Best of the Week: March 7-13, 2010

Yay, we are finally up-to-date on our “Best of the Week” series! Thank you for your patience. We will now return to posting original commentary more frequently…hopefully. — AWO

10. Popular but Ineffective: Repealing Insurers’ Antitrust Exemption — Austin Frakt & Ian Crosby
9. Special Interest — James Surowiecki and Paul Ryan’s Plan to Tax You More — Kevin Drum
8. Marjah, the City That Never Was — Gareth Porter and Sorry, Rove, Bush Did Lie About Iraq — Robert Parry
7. The Case Against Biofuels: Probing Ethanol’s Hidden Costs — C. Ford Runge
6. Medicine in the Dark — Michael Hochman & Danny McCormick
5. CIA Drone Attacks Produce America’s Own Unlawful Combatants — Gary Solis
4. Noam Chomsky: Iran Pursuing Nuclear Weapons Out of Fear — Matthew W. Hutchins
3. One Year into Bull Market, Economists Divided Over Future — E. S. Browning and My Life in Finance — Eugene F. Fama
2. Rethinking Crime–Again — John J. DiIulio, Jr.
1. The Arab Tomorrow — David B. OttawayOnce Again, a Nation Walks Through Fire to Give the West Its “Democracy” — Robert Fisk, The Oil Curse — Christopher DickeyThe Political Resource Curse — Fernanda Brollo, Tommaso Nannicini, Roberto Perotti, & Guido Tabellini, and The Limits to Globalization — Daron Acemoglu & Pierre Yared
BONUS:  Finding Your Roots — Steven Strogatz

Best of the Week: January 17-23, 2010

10. What if Conan Said, “Goodbye, NBC. Hello, Internet”? — Nick Bilton and Why Cable Companies Bundle Their Channels — James Surowiecki
9. Are Millennials Cursed? — Jeremy Rifkin
8. The Economics of Terrorism — Andrew Leigh
7. Legislated to Death — John Ireland
6. India’s Trail of Tears — Arundhati Roy
5. Sinomania — Perry Anderson
4. PANIC!!! — Jonathan Chait, What Will Make People Trust Government Again? — John Sidesand A Formula for Futility — Ronald Brownstein
3. A Bank Levy Will Not Stop the Doomsday Cycle — Peter Boone & Simon JohnsonEngineering Financial Stability — Robert J. ShillerWho Bears the Costs of Post-Crisis Recovery? — Barry Ritholtz, and A Bomb Squad for Wall Street — William D. Cohan
2. The Tree-Lined Bunkers That Could Change the Face of the Middle East — Robert Fisk
1. A Deal with the Taliban? — Ahmed Rashid
BONUS:  King Maker — Clayborne Carson

Best of the Week: December 27, 2009 – January 2, 2010

If you tried to access Trading 8s in the past few days, you noticed it was offline. We had some technical difficulties, but we’re back to business now. Sorry for any inconvenience or confusion. — AWO

10. Getting Away with Torture — David Cole
9. The Great Leap — Christopher Hayes
8. John Mackey and Whole Foods — Nick Paumgarten
7. The Battle for Tora Bora — Peter Bergen
6. Why the Health Care Bill Is Worth Passing — James Surowiecki and What Health Care Reform Will Mean for You — Mary Carmichael
5. Threats to Yemen Prove America Hasn’t Learned the Lesson of History — Patrick Cockburn and The Next Afghanistan? — Bay Fang
4. “Cadillac Tax” Isn’t a Tax: It’s a Plan to Finance Health Care Reform — Jonathan Gruber and In Richmond, Va., Health Cuts with Little Effect on Care — David Leonhardt
3. Cause and Effect in the “Terror War” — Glenn Greenwald and Top Republican Myths about the Crotch Bomber Affair — Juan Cole
2.  The Silent Cleric Who Holds the Key to Iran’s Future — Robert Fisk
1. Lessons Learned But Not Applied — Simon Johnson and Avoiding a Japanese Decade — New York Times
BONUS: Night — Tony Judt