Best of the Month(s): May-July 2010

10. Five Myths About the Bush Tax Cuts — William G. Gale, Are We a Nation of Property Owners? — Uwe E. Reinhardt, and The Taxman Cometh — James Downie
9. What Could They Have Been Thinking?: Initial Thoughts on the Gaza Flotilla — Stephen M. Walt
8. The Massachusetts Plan Is Working, But the American Health Care System Is Not — Ezra Klein
7. The Roberts Court vs. Free Speech — David Cole
6. Fourteen Examples of Systemic Racism in the U.S. Criminal Justice System — Bill Quigley, White Privilege Alive and Well — Matthew Yglesias, and Voting Behind Bars — Linda Greenhouse
5. Iraq Withdrawal? Obama and Clinton Expanding U.S. Paramilitary Force in Iraq — Jeremy Scahill
4. 5 Places to Look for the Next Financial Crisis — Ezra Klein
3. Blackwater’s New Sugar Daddy: The Obama Administration, Former Top CIA Spy: How U.S. Intelligence Became Big Business, and Obama Administration Keeping Blackwater Armed and Dangerous in Afghanistan — Jeremy Scahill
2. How to Save the News — James Fallows
1. The Runaway General — Michael Hastings
BONUS:  Yes, Governor, Race Matters — Anthony W. Orlando
DOUBLE BONUS: Memo from the Other Side of the Pond: “We Don’t Have a Safe Solution for Greece” — Anthony W. Orlando

Best of the Week(s): May 9 – June 5, 2010

Yes, you read that title correctly. Enough is enough. Let’s get up-to-date on this “What to Read” series. Sadly, we must ignore a lot of good articles, but here is a decent selection, heavily biased toward this past week. It’s good to be back on track! — AWO

10. The Black Art of “Master Illusions” — John Pilger
9. Arctic Sea Ice Extent and Volume at Record Lows for the Date — Nick Sundt, Early and Severe Wildlife Situation Develops in Alaska as Fuel Conditions Reach “Historical Maximum Levels” in Some Areas — Nick Sundt, and Asia Records Its Hottest Temperature in History; Category 4 Phet Threatens Oman — Jeff Masters
8. The Decline of Employer-Sponsored Coverage Under Health Reform: Good, Bad, or Ugly? — Austin Frakt and Direct-to-Consumer Advertising in Pharmaceutical Markets: Effects on Demand and Prices — Dhaval Dave
7. CIA Drones Claim “License to Kill” with Impunity: UN Expert — Agence France Presse, Obama’s Expanding Covert Wars — Jeremy Scahilland CIA Drone Operators Oppose Strikes as Helping al-Qaeda — Gareth Porter
6. War Over Bank Capital Heating Up — Damian Paletta and How the Private Sector Outsmarts Regulators — Michael Hirsh
5. Here We Go Again: A Closer Look at the Kerry-Lieberman Cap-and-Trade Proposal — Robert N. Stavins
4. Russia-US-Iran: Nuclear Juggling — Eric Walberg and New Power Brokers in the Middle East — Saif Shahin
3. Leonhardt on Risk: BP, the Housing Bubble and Budget — Dean Baker and Blue Dogs Took Up the Fight for Doctors’ Pay as Poor Lose Health Coverage — Steven Pearlstein
2. What Could They Have Been Thinking?: Initial Thoughts on the Gaza Flotilla — Stephen M. Walt
1. How to Save the News — James Fallows
BONUS: Shorting Reform — Michael Lewis

Best of the Week: February 7-13, 2010

10. Cyber Warriors — James Fallows
9. The Wonder Drug Myth — Thomas Goetz and Why Adult Cells Won’t End the Stem-Cell Wars — Sharon Begley
8. The Eurozone Debt Crisis: Facts and Myths — Charles Wyplosz
7. Republicans–Not Obama–More Often on Wrong Side of Public Opinion — Nate Silver
6. Blair, Bush, Israel and Iraq — Stephen M. Walt
5. Listen to the Iranian People — Robert Wright and Salehi: Iran Would Back Down If West Supplies LEU; Khamenei Vows Self-Defense Against “US-Backed Saboteurs” — Juan Cole
4. Yanukovych Is Back — Owen Matthews
3. Massive Moisture-Driven Extreme Precipitation During Warmest Winter in the Satellite Record–and the Deniers Say It Disproves (!) Climate Science — Joseph Romm & Jeff Masters
2. “Too Big to Fail” Is No Redemption Song — Avinash Persaud and How to Make a Bank Raise Equity — Oliver Hart & Luigi Zingales
1. State of Denial: Searching for Peace in Israel — Robert Fisk, Arieli Is a Man with a Plan. The Trouble Is, It’s a Map of Israel — Robert Fisk, and Gaza’s Defiant Tunnellers Head Deeper Underground — Robert Fisk
BONUS: Rock Groups — Steven Strogatz

Best of the Week: January 3-9, 2010

Wow, talk about falling behind in the news! It’ll probably take me a couple weeks to catch up. I apologize for the delay, but I will pump out the “Best of the Week” posts as quickly as possible, amid everything else on my desk. — AWO

10. What Makes a Great Teacher? — Amanda Ripley
9. Kiev Chameleon — Julia Ioffe
8. The Life of Justice Sonia Sotomayor — Lauren Collins
7. Panic Over Teen “Sexting” Eclipses Bigger Threat — Jesse Singal
6. Prisoners of Parole — Jeffrey Rosen
5. Obama to Fix Security Flaws; but Could He Please Fix Stupid Racial Profiling? — Juan Cole, The Real Reason Profiling Fails — Matthew Yglesiasand The Wrong Kind of Profiling — Faiz Shakir, Amanda Terkel, Matt Corley, Benjamin Armbruster, Zaid Jilani, & Alex Seitz-Wald
4. Cracks in the Jihad — Thomas Rid, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula: A Primer — Michelle Shephard, and A Summer in Yemen — Kent Davis-Packard
3. Gay Marriage, Perry v. Schwarzenegger, and the Supreme Court — Margaret Talbot
2. Russia, China, Iran Redraw Energy Map — M. K. Bhadrakumar, The Peace Imperative — Francesco Sisci, Letter From New Delhi — Basharat Peer, and How America Can Rise Again — James Fallows
1. The Year Climate Science Caught Up with What Top Scientists Have Been Saying Privately for Years — Joseph Romm
BONUS:  Suicide as Spectator Sport: What Does That Say About Us? — Robert Fisk