Best of the Week: January 24-30, 2010

10. No Such Thing as “Simple” Health Reform — Uwe E. Reinhart
9. Nude Awakening — Jeffrey Rosen
8. Boxed In: The Constraints of U.S. Foreign Policy — Geoffrey Wheatcroft and U.S. Envoy’s Cables Show Worries on Afghan Plans — Eric Schmitt
7. For the Love of Culture — Lawrence Lessig
6. The Depressing News about Antidepressants — Sharon Begley
5. The Jihadist Next Door — Andrea Elliott
4. Roll Over, Charles Darwin! — A. A. Gill
3. What Toronto Can Teach New York and London — Chrystia FreelandThe Little-Known Reason Why Investment Banks Got Too Big, Too Greedy, Too Risky, and Too Powerful — Daniel Gross, and For Wall Street, Tough Talk, but Weak Reforms — William D. Cohan
2. Obama’s Secret Prisons — Anand Gopal & Tom Engelhardt
1. Nothing to Fear — John R. Bowen
BONUS: Muslim Inventions That Shaped the Modern World — Olivia Sterns