My Goal for the New Year…Quoted in Forbes

Forbes columnist Rob Asghar has a new article titled “A Novel Tip for Making Smarter Predictions,” where he announces my goal to read more novels in 2018:

“I’ll admit that I’m coming to see the value of such an approach, but for years, I resisted it,” says Anthony W. Orlando, an economist and author based at USC’s Price School of Public Policy. “I figured, when trying to figure out what will happen, is it really the best use of my time to read a bunch of things that didn’t happen? But I’ve committed now to reading more of the fiction classics in the coming year.”

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Check Out My New Interview on Student Loans!

Rob Asghar, Forbes contributor and author of Leadership Is Hell: How to Manage Well and Escape with Your Soul, has just published a new interview where I outline the problem of mounting student debt and the way a debt forgiveness program could boost the economy and make our country a fairer, happier place. Here’s a little preview:

“Let’s not mince words,” economist Anthony Orlando says. “Student loans are killing people. People need to understand just how big a problem we’re talking about: Americans owe more in student loans than on all their credit cards combined.”

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Student Debt