No, Dorothy, We’re Not in Bloomingdale’s Anymore

I’m sorry there are no pictures on today’s posts. Tagaroo — the WordPress plugin we use on this site for pictures — is acting up. We’ll try to fix it ASAP. In the meantime, I just couldn’t delay this wonderful post from Norman any longer. — AWO

by Norman Horowitz

It’s 115 degrees in the shade, and there’s no shade. A man lost in the desert for three days without food or water has almost given up hope of living to see another sunset. He crawls to the top of a sand dune and for a moment believes that he’s saved when he sees a man wearing a suit-and-tie sitting under a huge umbrella next to a table piled high with ties.

Our dying man staggers over to the man with the ties and notices a sign, “Ties for Sale: $750”. With his last bit of strength he groans, “Water, water, please I must have water.”

The man with the ties tells him, “I don’t have any water, but would you be interested in buying a tie for $750 dollars?” Seeing the devastated look on the dying man’s face, the tie salesman adds, “There’s a restaurant fifty yards ahead where you can get water.”

Our dying man crawls over the next sand dune and arrives in front of a big restaurant. He is about ready to go in when he sees a sign over the front door, “ABSOLUTELY NO SERVICE WITHOUT A TIE!”   Continue reading “No, Dorothy, We’re Not in Bloomingdale’s Anymore”