23 Days To Go: The Habit of Consumption

Jess is far too modest to advertise this herself, but I just have to tell you about it. She now has her own website with all her graphics and architectural designs. It’s a gorgeous portfolio. Please give it a look, and tell your friends: https://www.jessicaleebutler.com/Index.html. — AWO

A large portion of my posts relate to the trends, shortcomings, and advantages of the “green” movement within the realm of architecture. I have my opinions and concerns about the popularity of the green movement as just a “fad,” something that people just do for the sticker price or for first impression. While I don’t deny that it’s good people are moving in a more sustainable direction for whatever reason they choose, we need to be changing not just our standards and incentives, but also our motivations and thought processes.   Continue reading “23 Days To Go: The Habit of Consumption”