NBC Fired Don Imus Yet Keeps Donald Trump?

by Norman Horowitz

About 4 years ago, MSNBC dropped its simulcast of the “Imus in the Morning” radio program. They maintained that they were responding to growing outrage about the radio host’s racial slur against the Rutgers women’s basketball team. On his program, Don Imus referred to the mostly black team as “nappy-headed hos.”

Steve Capus NBC News President had been quoted as saying:

…but I also believe that those were racist comments.  And I believe that it comes — that there have been any numbers of other comments that have been enormously hurtful to far too many people.  And my feeling is that can’t — that there should not be a place for that on MSNBC…

Now it’s time to move along to the racist Donald Trump.   Continue reading “NBC Fired Don Imus Yet Keeps Donald Trump?”