American Sports Are Bittersweet From Afar

I have been a New Orleans Saints fan since they drafted Danny Wuerffel in 1997. If you’re not much of a college football fan, you probably don’t remember Wuerffel because he didn’t last long in the NFL, but at the University of Florida, he had an arm like no one I’ve seen before or since. It didn’t hurt that he played for Steve Spurrier. I’m pretty sure Spurrier was breeding All-American quarterbacks in his basement. Wuerffel was one of those quarterbacks. He won just about every award a quarterback can win, including being the only Heisman winner to also win the Draddy, a.k.a. the “Academic Heisman.” Try these records on for size, courtesy of Wikipedia:   Continue reading “American Sports Are Bittersweet From Afar”