Quote of the Day: Matt Taibbi

Advocating the turning over of Social Security management to Wall Street after the 2008 crash is a little like asking Paris Hilton to pilot Air Force One, or tabbing Charlie Sheen to manage the inventory of a hospital pharmacy — completely nuts, but to David Brooks, that makes Mitt Romney the “serious” candidate.

— Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone)

Quote of the Day: Paul Krugman

Stroking your chin and saying, well, I don’t believe in [fiscal stimulus] because experience shows that raising growth is hard sounds serious, but it’s actually silly. It’s like saying that it’s really hard to extend the human lifespan, so it’s foolish to believe that an infection can be quickly cured with a dose of antibiotics.

— Paul Krugman (Princeton University)

Step Right Up and Buy an Excuse!

Continuing the risk vs. uncertainty explanation, here’s my latest post on the Sun-Sentinel site. In the next couple weeks, I’ll delve deeper into these issues and hopefully illuminate some solutions for regulations going forward. For now, check out some excellent perspectives that point the debate in the right direction. I encourage you to read the original articles by each of the three pundits I cited.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to our music countdown. We also have some exciting work by other writers to highlight later this week!