Best of the Week: September 12-18, 2010

10. Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights in Syria — Robert Fisk
9. When the Economy Needs a Brave and Smiley Face — Tyler Cowen
8. State and Local Public Employees Undercompensated — Economic Policy Institute and The Shortcomings of Using States for Federal Macroeconomic Fiscal Policy — Robert P. Inman
7. Stealing Newman — Garry Wills and Iraq’s Ignored Victims — Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick
6. The Two Categories of American Corporations and Their Politics — Robert Reich and When Everybody Exports, Nobody Wins — Simon Kennedy
5. Lessons from the Great Depression — Kevin O’Rourke and Study Finds CEO Salaries Increase with Layoffs — Nadia Prupis
4. This Is Basel III?? — Richard Smith and Third Time’s the Charm? and Risk and Regulation — Noah Millman
3. Why We Can’t Ignore Growing Income Inequality, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, and Part 9 — Timothy Noah
2. Take a Walk on the Supply Side: Tax Cuts on Profits, Savings, and the Wealthy Fail to Spur Economic Growth — Michael Ettlinger & John S. Irons
1. Does the U.S. Really Want Talks with the Taliban to Succeed? — Conn Hallinan
BONUS: We Only Trust Experts If They Agree with Us — Christie Nicholson

Best of the Week: August 1-7, 2010

10. Would Small Business Be Hurt by Obama’s Tax Plan? — Edmund L. Andrews and What’s Holding Small Business Back? — National Federation of Independent Business
9. Massachusetts Mandates at Work — Austin Frakt
8. Behind the Columbia/Venezuela Tension — Conn Hallinan
7. Like New Deal, Stimulus Should Create Jobs Directly — Robert J. Shiller and The Real Reason Banks Aren’t Lending — Marshall Auerback
6. Extreme Function: Why Our Brains Respond So Intensely to Exaggerated Characteristics — Vilayanur S. Ramachandran & Diane Rogers-Ramachandran
5. Whose Hands? Whose Blood? Killing Civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq — Tom Engelhardt and 2010 Arabic Public Opinion Poll — Shibley Telhami
4. Unpacking Claims on the Auto Bailout — e21
3. Enrichment Still the Key to Nuclear Diplomacy with Iran — Flynt Leverett & Hillary Mann Leverett
2. Book Notes: Ramos’ “A Country for All” — Bryce Covert and Fact-Checking the Claims About “Anchor Babies” and Whether Illegal Immigrants “Drop and Leave” — PolitiFact
1. Filibusters and Arcane Obstructions in the Senate — George Packer
BONUS: Topic of Cancer — Christopher Hitchens

Best of the Week(s): July 11-24, 2010

10. Should South Korea Be Allowed to Reprocess Spent Fuel? — Stephen M. Walt, The Great Myth: Counterinsurgency — Conn Hallinanand A Strategy of Staggering Genius in Sudan? — Jack Snyder
9. Overcome by Heat and Inertia — David Leonhardt and Climate Bill, R.I.P. — Tim Dickinson
8. The Pundit Delusion — Paul Krugman, I Leave More Discontented Than I Started — David Obeyand It’s Always the Economy, Stupid — Ezra Klein
7. Bail-Ins, Soft Budget Constraints, and Zombie Banking — e21
6. The Real Story of Racism at the USDA — Chris Kromm and Drug Sentences Create Racial Caste System — Leonard Pitts, Jr.
5. Deficits Do Matter, But Not the Way You Think — L. Randall Wray and What Do Deficit Slashers Wear Under Their Hair Shirts? — Robert Skidelsky
4. Worth It — Andrew Cockburn, Toxic Legacy of U.S. Assault on Fallujah “Worse Than Hiroshima” — Patrick Cockburn, and Vietnam’s Forgotten War Victims — Chris Arsenault
3. The Massachusetts Plan Is Working, But the American Health Care System Is Not — Ezra Klein
2. Iraq Withdrawal? Obama and Clinton Expanding U.S. Paramilitary Force in Iraq — Jeremy Scahill
1. 5 Place to Look for the Next Financial Crisis — Ezra Klein
BONUS:  Your Move: The Maze of Free Will — Galen Strawson