“Fool Me Twice!” Pleads Secretary Clinton

Mexico is “looking more and more like Colombia looked 20 years ago,” according to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Oh good, I thought, we’re finally learning from our mistakes.

At this time last year, I was reporting the results of our War on Drugs in Colombia, where we targeted the rebel forces known as “FARC”:

What most Americans do not know is that our tax dollars are largely responsible for the rise of the FARC in the first place.   Continue reading ““Fool Me Twice!” Pleads Secretary Clinton”

Saving the World from Ourselves, One Reader at a Time

One of the unexpected joys of writing op-ed columns for the past four years has been corresponding with and developing intellectually stimulating friendships with my readers. In February 2009, I published one of my most popular columns in the Hazleton Standard-Speaker titled “Walking through a College Campus.” It was one of those rare days that writers live for, when inspiration for something unusual, personal, and poetic comes to you out of nowhere. Those moments also make you mildly anxious because the most original works are usually the riskiest. Thankfully, my readers responded very positively.   Continue reading “Saving the World from Ourselves, One Reader at a Time”

Fresh, Squeezed Trouble in Latin America

My first column is in the Sun-Sentinel today. It combines two issues I’ve discussed previously on this blog: military intervention in sovereign nations and our lopsided drug policy. It also includes a bit of history with which the vast majority of Americans are sadly unfamiliar. If you thought you understood Colombia and the FARC from what you read in the newspapers these days, think again. You can read it all here, and below are the addenda:   Continue reading “Fresh, Squeezed Trouble in Latin America”