Technology and Design: Copy-Cats and Inventors

Sorry for our brief hiatus, but our schedules have been a little crazy of late. We have heard your feedback loud and clear! We are replacing the daily “What to Read” series with weekly top-10 “Best of the Week” posts, and we will strive to post original analysis daily, beginning with this brilliant post from Jessica Butler! — AWO

I have to preface this post by saying that I am an avid Apple fan, I have a Mac laptop and an iPod Touch (and I wish I had an iPhone), and I plan to never buy a PC-related item of technology again, unless under very special circumstances. That said, I think one very interesting topic of conversation these days is the differences between Apple and PC products and how they are designed. Of course this discussion will be through my own bias.   Continue reading “Technology and Design: Copy-Cats and Inventors”