In Defense of Economists, Capitalists, and Canada

A few days ago, my air conditioning system broke. I called a repairman. He inspected the system and found the problem. A small part had broken. Luckily, he had a replacement in his truck.

“No,” I said.

“I’m sorry?” he said.

“I said no. That’s not the problem.”

He looked at me strangely. “But I just inspected—”

“I know what you did,” I interrupted. “And I’m telling you, the problem is that the system is leaking Freon.”

“But I didn’t see any leak.”

“Doesn’t matter,” I said.

“Excuse me,” he said, “but I’m confused. Are you trained in air conditioning repair?”


“Have you ever fixed an air conditioner before?”


“Then how do you know what’s wrong with it?”

“I’ve lived with the thing for twenty years,” I said. “I think I know my own air conditioner.”

“But you don’t even know how it works,” he said.

“Neither do you,” I said…and sent him on his way. My air conditioner is still broken. Continue reading “In Defense of Economists, Capitalists, and Canada”