Best of the Week: April 25 – May 1, 2010

10.  Noriega’s Last Laugh — Christopher Dickey and Atrocities in Afghanistan: A Troubling Timetable — Kathy Kelly & Dan Pearson
9. To Save the Eurozone: $1 Trillion, European Central Bank Reform, and a New Head for the IMF — Peter Boone & Simon Johnson and The European Experience with Large Fiscal Adjustments — Alcidi Cinzia & Daniel Gros
8. Climate Change Indicators in the United States: Summary of Findings — Nick Sundt and CCS Stunner: New Study Finds Geologic Sequestration “Is Not a Practical Means to Provide Any Substantive Reduction in CO2 Emissions” — Joseph Romm
7. Immigration Reform Is Working. Now We Need to Look at What Isn’t. — Edward Schumacher-Matos, To “Control the Border,” First Reform Immigration Law — Daniel Griswold, and The Predictable Tragedies of Arizona’s Anti-Immigration Law — Ezra Klein & Ta-Nehisi Coates
6. The Deficit: Nine Myths We Can’t Afford — Pavlina R. Tcherneva, Stephanie Kelton, L. Randall Wray, Marshall Auerback, Yeva Nersisyan, & Warren Mosler, Do Not Confuse Solvency with Sustainability — Pavlina R. Tcherneva, and Paul Samuelson on Deficit Myths — L. Randall Wray
5. Why Financial Reform Needs a Bank Tax — David LeonhardtWho’s Afraid of a Bank Tax? — David Leonhardt, and Endgame in the Financial Reforms — David Skeel
4. Return of the Death Squads — Jeremy Kryt and Are Aid Donors Now Running Haiti? — Daniel Altman
3. Nukes for Sale — Jeremy Bernstein and A New Start — Tara McKelvey
2. Chris Dodd’s Carve-Outs for Cronies — Mark A. Calabria and Big Business Pleads for Loopholes in Financial Regulatory Reform — Steven Pearlstein
1. Cruel Ethiopia — Helen Epstein and The State of Liberal Democracy in Africa: Resurgence or Retreat? — Tony Leon
BONUS: Chances Are — Steven Strogatz

Best of the Month: March 2010

10. What Makes Chechen Women So Dangerous? — Robert A. Pape, Lindsey O’Rourke, & Jenna McDermit, Lady Gaga vs. the Occupation — Thomas Hegghammer, and Hating Us for our Degeneracy — Daniel Larison
9. Study: Two-Thirds of Boys in Afghan Jails Are Brutalized — Gareth Porter, Iraqi Children’s Growth Stunted by War — BBC News, Night Raids Belie McChrystal’s New Image — Gareth Porter, and Gen. McChrystal: We’ve Shot “an Amazing Number of People” Who Were Not Threats — Justin Elliott
8. Taking Sides — John Mearsheimer and Top Ten Reasons East Jerusalem Does Not Belong to Jewish-Israelis — Juan Cole
7. 10 Questions for Finance Reformers — Barry Ritholtz and The Lone Star Secret — Alyssa Katz
6. Cultural Change Is Key to Bank Reform — Justin Fox, Greeks, Romans, and Financial Reform — Paul Krugman, and The Source of Global Trade Imbalances — Johanna Mollerstrom
5. As Things Get Worse in Pakistan, the Optimism Continues to Soar — Robert Fisk, Pakistan to America: What Have You Done for Us Lately? — Arif Rafiq, Into the Terrifying World of Pakistan’s “Disappeared” — Robert Fisk, and Don’t Forget India — Nikolas K. Gvosdev
4. The Arab Tomorrow — David B. Ottaway, Once Again, a Nation Walks Through Fire to Give the West Its “Democracy” — Robert Fisk, The Oil Curse — Christopher Dickey, The Political Resource Curse — Fernanda Brollo, Tommaso Nannicini, Roberto Perotti, & Guido Tabellini, and The Political Limits to Globalization — Daron Acemoglu & Pierre Yared
3. Fiscal Policies in “Normal” and “Abnormal” Recessions — Paul De Grauwe
2. How to Combat Modern Slavery — Kevin Bales
1. “The Evil Scourge of Terrorism”: Reality, Construction, Remedy — Noam Chomsky and A Curious History of the CIA — Jane Mayer
BONUS: Setting Congress’s Sights on Next Target — Anthony W. Orlando

Best of the Week: March 7-13, 2010

Yay, we are finally up-to-date on our “Best of the Week” series! Thank you for your patience. We will now return to posting original commentary more frequently…hopefully. — AWO

10. Popular but Ineffective: Repealing Insurers’ Antitrust Exemption — Austin Frakt & Ian Crosby
9. Special Interest — James Surowiecki and Paul Ryan’s Plan to Tax You More — Kevin Drum
8. Marjah, the City That Never Was — Gareth Porter and Sorry, Rove, Bush Did Lie About Iraq — Robert Parry
7. The Case Against Biofuels: Probing Ethanol’s Hidden Costs — C. Ford Runge
6. Medicine in the Dark — Michael Hochman & Danny McCormick
5. CIA Drone Attacks Produce America’s Own Unlawful Combatants — Gary Solis
4. Noam Chomsky: Iran Pursuing Nuclear Weapons Out of Fear — Matthew W. Hutchins
3. One Year into Bull Market, Economists Divided Over Future — E. S. Browning and My Life in Finance — Eugene F. Fama
2. Rethinking Crime–Again — John J. DiIulio, Jr.
1. The Arab Tomorrow — David B. OttawayOnce Again, a Nation Walks Through Fire to Give the West Its “Democracy” — Robert Fisk, The Oil Curse — Christopher DickeyThe Political Resource Curse — Fernanda Brollo, Tommaso Nannicini, Roberto Perotti, & Guido Tabellini, and The Limits to Globalization — Daron Acemoglu & Pierre Yared
BONUS:  Finding Your Roots — Steven Strogatz

Best of the Week: November 22-28, 2009