Quote of the Day: Leonard Pitts, Jr.

I’m still catching up on my reading, so this quote is over a week old. It’s from one of my favorite writers—the one who inspired me to become an op-ed columnist, in fact. In this paragraph, he’s speaking to African-American women, as part of a larger article based on Chris Rock‘s recent documentary Good Hair. Here it is, your quote of the day:

I am your brother, your father, your husband and your son. I’ve seen you in church with big hats on, giving children the evil eye. And at the jail on visiting day, shoring up that wayward man. And at the bus stop in the rain on your way to work. And at the dining table with pen and paper, working miracles of money. When I was a baby, you nursed me, when we were children, I chased you through the house; when we were dating, I missed half the movie, stealing sugar from you. I saw you born; I took you to your prom; I glowed with pride when you went off to school. I have married you and buried you. I love your smile. A million times, you took my breath away.