The Socialist Speaks

by Norman Horowitz

In the early ’90s, I was forced by the management of MGM to make draconian cuts in our overhead. Management then wanted us to accelerate payments from our customers by offering them a discount. They went nuts when I told them that almost all of the people who could do that had been terminated.

At Columbia Pictures, I was asked to present an operating budget with a 15% contingent reduction. I sent it to them along with a reduction of our sales. They went nuts and told me they only wanted to reduce overhead, not sales.

Welcome to America, where our politicians believe that they can take out a red pencil and cut spending without a concomitant effect on our citizens.   Continue reading “The Socialist Speaks”

Build Brains, Not Bombs

by Norman Horowitz

What is America to me? 
A name, a map, or a flag I see; 
A certain word, democracy. 
What is America to me?

The house I live in, 
A plot of earth, a street, 
The grocer and the butcher, 
Or the people that I meet; 
The children in the playground, 
The faces that I see, 
All races and religions, 
That’s America to me.

— “The House I Live In” by Abel Meeropol

I did believe in those lyrics for most of my life, but sadly I now believe otherwise. Perhaps I have seen too many John Wayne and Henry Fonda movies. I grew up thinking that we were always the good guys.” Continue reading “Build Brains, Not Bombs”