Greatest Songs, #500: “More Than a Feeling” by Boston

I’m belatedly getting around to one of my New Year’s resolutions…okay, very belatedly: To listen to all of Rolling Stone Magazine’s500 Greatest Songs of All Time,” and to understand why each one is on the list. To prevent myself from getting distracted halfway through and never finishing the resolution, I am promising to post one a day on this blog along with some critical analyses from people who know far more about music than I. This series will kill 2 birds because I had hoped to have a contributor write a series on music, but I haven’t found the right person for the job yet. This gives me over a year to continue the search without you missing out on good music. So start your egg timers at 500–that’s 43,200,000 seconds, so you’re going to need a crazy egg timer–and join me on a fun journey through music history. Think of it as your daily entertainment–that 5-minute break from the real world we all need. — AWO

Album: Boston (Epic Records)
Year: 1976
Written by: Tom Scholz & John Boylan
Billboard Hot 100: #5

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