Yes, Governor, Race Matters

Posting is less frequent this week because I’m traveling. — AWO

Sarah Palin and the NAACP have been going back-and-forth this week over whether racism has played a role in the tea parties. Instead of commenting on their debate per se, I want to clarify a misconception that many Americans hold, a belief that makes it difficult to make any progress in this debate.

“Any good American hates racism,” according to Palin. If that’s the case, then Palin should explain why she thinks there are so many bad Americans.

I’m reminded of a reader who corresponded with me after the 2008 election. He passionately opposed Barack Obama’s campaign. The only silver lining he could find after November 4 was that liberals could no longer argue that racism was alive in America today. I beg to differ.   Continue reading “Yes, Governor, Race Matters”