Ian and Tony Take on the NBA, Part 4

You’re right, Coach: This is where the previews get cloudy. For instance, I’m looking at your 10 to 5, and I can’t help but do a process of elimination. I don’t know the order of your top 5, but I know you’ve got 3 well-duh’s and 2 maybe-maybe-not’s. And it’s the last 2 that I’m going to focus on.

You know that I’m a diehard, lifelong Shaquille O’Neal fan. Even though the Shaq Attack has left the sunny tip for more northern pastures, I can’t help but feel some residual affection for Dwyane Wade and the Heat. Wade is the Brett Favre of the NBA. He lives to play the game. He plays because he loves it, and it shows. He spends more time on his ass than his feet because, if you think you’re still on the playground, that’s how you play the game. Like your momma might be calling you for supper any minute now, and you’re gonna claw your way to as many points as you can before you hear her voice. We always call NBA players “overpaid babies,” but Dwyane Wade is the only one that makes you want to be a boy again. So I’m happy the Heat are in your top 5, but you and I both know that’s no sure thing.   Continue reading “Ian and Tony Take on the NBA, Part 4”