Regarding “Greatness”: A Baby Boomer’s Lament

The following is a beautiful essay written by my friend Susan Chase. I think it brilliantly captures the moment were living in and the danger of not standing up to the forces of evil a lesson we seem to have taken for granted from generations past. Susan has spent a lifetime working to leave the world a better place for the next generation as a mother, as a therapist, as a teacher, as a performing artist, writer, and director. I believe, as she once did, in the greatness of America. I would like to think we still have what it takes to embody that greatness as she remembers her fathers generation doing. But. Only if we heed her warning…


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The Responsibility of a Free Press

by Norman Horowitz

In the 1950s, while I was defending our country in the Air Force during the Korean War, I was an electronics teacher.

During my teaching career, I encountered well over 1,000 students from all over the world, but primarily from the United States. Most of these kids — average age 18 — had never seen a Jew before (that they were aware of).

Here are some of the things I was asked in class by my students:

  • Sergeant, where do you hide your horns?
  • Sergeant, what do you do with the bodies of the Christians after you have drained their blood for your rituals?
  • Sergeant, how come the fucking Jews get to have a day off to celebrate certain holidays?

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