To Steal or Not to Steal? That Is the Question…

by Norman Horowitz

Several months ago, I attended a party on the Fox lot celebrating the “television screenings for international buyers.” A media writer told me that these screenings were started in the early 1960s by ABC International. I took issue with him and said that the screenings started in the late 1950s for the Canadians and the Australians. When he argued with me, I said, “I was there at the time, and you were in the sixth grade.”

Different people have different ideas concerning the media industry. My opinions mostly come from experience. I was there. I don’t know “the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” but I do have firsthand knowledge of a lot of it.

One such matter involves the recently deceased Cliff Robertson.   Continue reading “To Steal or Not to Steal? That Is the Question…”