Why Biden Needs to Make Genetic Data Privacy a Top Priority

At this very moment, someone, somewhere, might be exposing your intimate genetic data. They probably don’t realize they’re doing it. They may not even know who you are.

But they have valuable segments of your genetic code — data that tell a story about your family, your medical history, and all sorts of potential vulnerabilities. If your DNA sample is submitted to a genetic testing company, they may be sharing that data with countless researchers, law enforcement, and even the general public.

Someday, that information could be used against you.

That’s the opening of my new op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer with Rob Field and Skip Rosoff, based on our recent research into the risks of genetic data privacy and the need for stronger consumer protections. Click here to read more.

If you want to dive deep into the academic research behind this op-ed, you can read our new Indiana Health Law Review article here — and to see how this all relates to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can read our new Trends in Genetics article here.