NBC Fired Don Imus Yet Keeps Donald Trump?

by Norman Horowitz

About 4 years ago, MSNBC dropped its simulcast of the “Imus in the Morning” radio program. They maintained that they were responding to growing outrage about the radio host’s racial slur against the Rutgers women’s basketball team. On his program, Don Imus referred to the mostly black team as “nappy-headed hos.”

Steve Capus NBC News President had been quoted as saying:

…but I also believe that those were racist comments.  And I believe that it comes — that there have been any numbers of other comments that have been enormously hurtful to far too many people.  And my feeling is that can’t — that there should not be a place for that on MSNBC…

Now it’s time to move along to the racist Donald Trump.  

Having questioned the President’s birth certificate, Trump has now segued into trying to raise doubts about Obama’s grades. He certainly implied that our President is a criminal. It also appears to me that Donald Trump has a problem with the President because he is black.

Trump recently questioned whether the President’s grades were high enough for him to get accepted into Columbia University and Harvard Law School. He went on to say:

I have friends, who have smart sons with great marks, great boards, great everything and they can’t get into Harvard.

We don’t know a thing about this guy. There are a lot of questions that are unanswered about our president.

Recently, Trump told a black reporter, “Look, I know you are a big Obama fan.”

This behavior goes back as far as 1973, when the Justice Department hit the Trump Organization with a major discrimination suit for violating the Fair Housing Act. The government contended that Trump Management had refused to rent or negotiate rentals “because of race and color.” It also charged that the company had required different rental terms and conditions because of race.

Trump went after the Justice Department for being too friendly to welfare recipients. He “accused the Justice Department of singling out his corporation because it was a large one and because the Government was trying to force it to rent to welfare recipients.” Trump added that if welfare recipients were allowed into his apartments in certain middle-class outer-borough neighborhoods, there would be a “massive fleeing from the city of not only our tenants, but communities as a whole.”

Eons ago, a cigarette company had a slogan something like: “Compare! Comparison proves…”

So let’s compare: “The pillar of journalistic integrity” Steve Capus fired Imus for an inappropriate and insensitive racial slur, yet he countenances the appearance on an NBC entertainment program of Donald Trump, who has slandered and libeled our president, as well as implying unacceptable racial stereotyping.

Yes, I know that Capus is only responsible for NBC News, but one would think that anyone in his position would resign from NBC if they continue to allow Trump to appear on the NBC television network.