What to Read on Brazil

Brazil Companies Keen to Tap Capital Markets — Rogerio Jelmayer

Although growth is expected to slow in 2011, with gross domestic product seen rising 4.5%, from about 7.5% this year, companies are keen to add capacity as domestic demand remains strong, helped by low unemployment and rising salaries.

Dilma Rousseff: In Lula’s Shadow — Benjamin Dangl

During Lula’s two terms as president, 20 million Brazilians rose out of poverty, and the minimum wage was raised by more than half. These advances were enabled by the country’s economic growth, spurred on in part by major exports to China; but they were also a result of Lula’s political will to promote social programs.

The Battle for Brazil’s Slums — Solana Pyne & Erik German

For the last month, soldiers have been stationed at checkpoints only on the edges of Complexo do Alemao while police conducted operations inside the slums. Now the army is taking command of the entire operation and 1,800 paratroopers will work with approximately 200 local police to patrol the streets throughout both slum communities, known here as favelas.

Rio’s New Reality Show — Lilia M. Schwarcz

The culmination of a two-year campaign to wrest control of Rio’s favelas from powerful drug traffickers, that operation has now been followed by a deployment of 2,400 paratroopers…